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Automatic Fire Fighting FM200 Gas Fire Suppression System
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Product: Views:182Automatic Fire Fighting FM200 Gas Fire Suppression System 
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Automatic Fire Fighting FM200 Gas Fire Suppression System

Storage Heptafluoropropane gas fire extinguishing systems, transportation, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance must be performed by professionals in accordance with the above specifications and this manual requires to perform, must be fully familiar with the manual installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance methods and systems various components, and understand the manual "Warning" and "Caution" section, in violation of these matters could result in property damage, serious injury, or even death.
All content on this manual carefully proofread and, if mistakes misunderstanding the content on any typographical or, the Company reserves the right to interpret. Product if technical improvements, the Company will prepare a new version of the specification without notice; product appearance, color, subject to change, in order to prevail in kind!

 Heptafluoropropane extinguishing agent profile
Heptafluoropropane at room temperature is a colorless, odorless, non-conductive, may be stored in the low-pressure liquefied gas fire extinguishing agent, a density of about 6 times the air density (the physical properties shown in Table 1) of the formula CF3CHFCF3, trade name HFC-227ea, foreign called FM-200 (its technical performance are shown in Table 2), the extinguishing agent suitable for total flooding fire extinguishing system. When the activity of free radicals generated by the decomposition extinguishing agent is sprayed to the protection zone, flame or fire extinguishing agent contact hot surfaces, the radical chain reaction seize combustion generated active substances, destruction combustion process chain transfer, and ultimately achieve the purpose of extinguishing the ways a chemical fire, cooled, diluted or cut off the air and other physical effect is minimal. Because of its high performance fire, the equipment clean, does not destroy the ozone layer, etc., is the alternative to Halon fire extinguishing agent of choice for products, now available in many countries and regions of the world has been widely used. Ministry of Public Security has also been recommended as an alternative to the use of Halon widely used in electricity, water conservancy, metallurgy, petrochemical, telecommunications, industrial and mining enterprises, banking, civil aviation and other industries of various important places of protection in our country, such as a computer room, communications room, precision instrument rooms, physics and chemistry laboratories, generator room, changed appliances, books, libraries, databases, archives, treasury, oil platforms, hydraulic oil tanks of flammable liquids and other combustible room and easy to produce electrical fire hazard areas.
Table 1 HFC-227ea Physical Properties
Physical properties Unit Value
Molecular Weight -- 170
1.013bar absolute boiling point at atmospheric pressure ºC -16.4
Freezing Point ºC -131.1
Critical temperature ºC 101.7
Critical pressure MPa 2.912
Critical density kg/m3 621
Steam pressure at 20 ºC MPa 0.391
Liquid density at 20 ºC kg/m3 1407
Saturated vapor density at 20 ºC kg/m3 31.176
Specific volume of steam when overvoltage at 20 ºC 0.1013MPa m3/kg 0.1373
Table 2 HFC-227ea Technical Performance
Performance Technical instructions
Purity ≥99.6% Mass Ratio
Acidity ≤3×10-4% Mass Ratio
Water content ≤1×10-3% Mass Ratio(≤10ppm)
Non-volatile residue ≤0.01% Mass Ratio
Suspended solids Invisible
2. Extinguishing principle Heptafluoropropane extinguishing agents
Heptafluoropropane is a way to store liquefied extinguishing agent. It extinguishing mechanism both physical effects, but also chemistry. Inerting chemistry is active radicals in the flame, the fire to achieve chain scission; physical vaporization stage in its molecule can be rapidly cooled to reduce the flame temperature and the oxygen concentration in the combustion zone to achieve the fire.
Filling of the system at the time of the fire extinguishing agent will decompose to produce a certain amount of hydrogen fluoride gas, a high concentration of hydrogen fluoride gas can cause damage to persons!
II.Fire extinguishing system control
The company produces Heptafluoropropane gas fire extinguishing system with automatic control, manual control and mechanical emergency start three control functions.
(1) Automatic Control:
The control of fire alarm controller (hereinafter referred to as "controller") on the select key in the "Auto" position. When the fire protection district, fire detectors to detect fire signal transmission to the controller, the controller issued immediately audible and visual alarm signal, while issuing the linkage signals (such as turning off ventilation and air conditioning, fire dampers, etc.), through pre-set after 30 seconds of delay time, the output signal to start the fire suppression system, the electromagnetic driven drive gas cylinders corresponding protection zone opened, after driving the gas release to open the corresponding selector valve and fire extinguishing agent cylinders, the release of fire extinguishing agent, after selection valve and pipe network will extinguishing agent appropriate protective spray to put out the fire district.
(2) Manual control:
The control mode selection button on the controller in the "manual" position. When the fire protection district, fire fire detector detects signal transmission to the controller, the controller issued immediately audible and visual alarm signal, also issued linkage signal, but will not start the fire extinguishing system output signal; needed by the staff on duty at this time after confirming the fire, press the emergency button on the controller to start the corresponding protection zone, you can start the fire extinguishing system at a pre-set program, the release of fire extinguishing agent fire.
(3) mechanical emergency start:
When the fire protection zone, control system failure due to not start extinguishing system, this time by the duty officer confirmed the fire, notify personnel evacuated people close linkage device, unplug the correspondence between the reservoir bottle inside the protection zone on driving gas cylinders manual insurance sales, forced manual button pressed, you can set the drive gas bottle valve open container after the driver releases the gas valve to open the appropriate choice, container bottle group, released heptafluoropropane fire extinguishing agent
Emergency start is not part of the mechanical system to normal startup, only in case of emergency as a last resort measure.
III.The structure and parameters of system components
1. Extinguishing agent cylinders (Model: QMPxxx / xx, "xxx" refers to the group of bottles volume, "xx" refers to the storage pressure)
Structure : extinguishing agent group is mainly composed of extinguishing agents bottle containers, container valves, siphons, safety relief devices, fire extinguishing agents sampling ports, pressure-type leak detection apparatus and protective devices and other components mistake jet.
How it works: container is a steel pressure vessel, fire extinguishing agent to the liquid stored in the container, when the fire broke out, from the drive to control airflow into the container of gas cylinders inside the cylinder valve drive, the container valve opens to release extinguishing agent. When an emergency situation, the pin can be pulled manually (with nameplate signs), manually depressing the container valve opening pressure cap. But in the combined distribution system should be open to select the appropriate valve protection zone in order to pressure the manual pressure cap.
When the container is disconnected from the valve and the system piping, the guard must be mistaken injection (known as the "protective cap") mounted on the container valve outlet without installing a protective cap can cause inadvertent activation of the cylinder when moved vigorously. Violation of this warning may result in death, personal injury or property damage.
Model  Maximum Filling Weight (Kg) 20ºC Storage Pressure (MPa) Discharge Time (S)  Operate Temperature(ºC) Maxium Protective Area(M3) Size (mm)
GQQ70/2.5 70 2.5 <10 0~50 106 502X453X1530
GQQ90/2.5 90 2.5 <10 0~50 136 552X453X1690
GQQ120/2.5 120 2.5 <10 0~50 182 602X503X1580
GQQ150/2.5 150 2.5 <10 0~50 227 602X503X1800